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Ann Clark

Ann-ClarkAnn Clark (RYT 500), Ph.D. first studied Yoga in 1967 in conjunction with an Indian Philosophy class taught by Raja Rao, a professor of philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin. Ann practiced inconsistently except for Salamba Sirsasana, shoulderstand, which for some reason persisted through the years. In the fall of 1996 Ann again became a Yoga beginner with Gillian, an Iyengar trained physical therapist in Vancouver B.C. From Gillian, Ann absorbed a sensitivity to the care and precision required for healthy Yoga. In June, 1997, Ann participated in a 3 day workshop at the Galiano Island Studio of Margaret and Bruce Caruthers, Iyengar students, both in their seventies. From food, to nature, to poetry, to asana, this was her first experience of Yoga as a whole way of life with beauty at its center. Back in South Bend, Ann and husband Charley began studying with Marcia Wenig, now of Yoga Kids, at a glassed in oval studio by the Saint Joseph River. There it was completely quiet except for bird song and our laughter as we learned to bring lightness and humor to our practice. Teji Dilley and Kim Sellers helped Ann to build on her earlier practice, each in different, but complementary, ways.

As a graduate of Kathleen Flanagan's RYT200 training 2005-2006, Ann learned to feel the pull of Yoga both as a vast sea of knowledge and at the same time just as down to earth and sensible as planting spring seeds. In the fall of 2007 Ann completed an 80 hour workshop for Yoga teachers with Suddha Weixler of the Chicago Yoga Center. There Ann was privileged to participate in extensive discussions of readings in Yogic philosophy by Swami Narayananda, Brian Dana Akers, Swami Prabhavanda and Srivatsa Ramaswami as well as to engage in practice and critique of teaching with other teachers. Ann also graduated from Yogamocean’s 500-hour Yoga teacher training, and currently teaches Yoga at the Near Northwest Neighborhood Center in South Bend. 

Ann will pull from her many years of teaching eastern and western philosophy at Saint Marys College in South Bend as she guides you through portions of the Yoga philosophy component of the program.

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